Questions & Answers

Why is this work necessary?

The Oxon Run Trail runs through a District owned park in a central open space area within Southeast D.C. with miles of disconnected existing trails in degraded condition. The purpose of this project is to improve access within Oxon Run Park and the non-motorized network connections to surrounding destinations by rehabilitation of the existing trail, as well as extending the trail network.


What are the benefits of the project?

  • Improved bicycle and pedestrian paths
  • An extended trail to better connect the community
  • Landscape improvements
  • New benches, tables and bicycle lockers
  • New trail and street lighting
  • Integrated Green Infrastructure in an urban environment
  • New sidewalks


How long will the project take?

The construction duration is schedule for 270 calendar days (9 months).


What is the current status of the project?

Construction started in mid-October, 2016.


Who will perform the work?

DDOT has selected Capitol Paving Inc., a local and certified SBE, LBE, LRB and DZE business as the contractor for this project.  As part of the contract with the District, Capitol Paving will have an employee training program and portion of their work will be given to a local Disadvantaged Business Enterprise (DBE).


What will the impact be?

The community can expect limited road and trail closure to allow for construction to proceed efficiently and safely.  These closures will occur in phases, to ensure that the entire trail is not closed at once.

Lane closures will generally be limited to non-rush hour times (9:30AM-3:30PM).  Any noise from work performed will be limited to daytime hours (7AM-7PM).  Before any major road or trail closures take place, timely notifications will distributed to the public.


How Can DDOT ensure the project delivers good value to the taxpayer?

DDOT is committed to maximizing taxpayer value, reducing the risk of cost overruns and delays and minimizing disruptions to the surrounding community.  DDOT has hired KCI Technologies, as Construction Manager to incorporate lessons learned from other similar projects and to implement a successful project management approach.